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2018-9 season
(Starting 1st Nov 2018) Listed with most recent first
You should be aware that, as your Publicity Officer, I am constrained by a directive from the committee to not publicise individual catches except as part of reporting competition results or in the case of Island or National records.
This is primarily to avoid the chance of commercial fishermen exploiting the information for their own gain to the detriment of club members.
The reports shown below are as they were submitted for publication in the IW County Press
The published version often differs but this is out of my control.
30-12-18: Cod & Whiting specimen comp
Having been forced to abandon any further attempt to hold their 2018 Open Cod competition due to adverse forecasts, It came as a bit of a relief that 27 competitors were able to fish in Bembridge Angling Club’s recent club boat competition in reasonable conditions.
Target was best single specimen of either Cod or Whiting relative to club records.
Unfortunately Cod remained elusive with only one being brought to the scales & only 5 anglers in total brought any fish to the scales.
Second, third & fourth places were only separated by less than 1%
1st  Anthony Stanyon,  Whiting of 1lb 5.5oz = 28.29%
2nd  Callum Smith,  Whiting   1lb 1 1/4oz = 22.70%  
3rd  Rick Lochran,  Cod  8lb 3oz = 22.66%  
Open Cod Comp: all attempts to hold this comp failed & any further attempts abandoned.
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