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Specimen Awards for 2018/19 Season
Currently awaiting info re main trophy list.
Information copied from board in club house or supplied by Comp Sec:-

Fish of the Month Boat Caught & Weighed Ashore
Month Name Fish Weight Percentage
November  Ray Ellis  Spurdog  16lbs 2 ozs  82.56%
December  Liam Smith  Bass  12 lbs 7 1/2 ozs  78.54%
January  Ray Ellis  Whiting  2 lbs 11 ozs  
February  NO CLAIM      
March  Alan Deeming  Plaice  2 lbs 3 ozs  30.17%
April  NO CLAIM      
May  Jacob Grimaldi  Pollack  12 lbs 12 ozs  73.65%
June  Mark Tutton  Pollack  14 lbs 1 1/2 ozs  81.41%
July  John Rackett  Bull Huss  9 lbs 8 ozs  58.74%
August  Martin Dye  Pollack  10 lbs 14 1/2 ozs  63%

Fish of the Month. Boat Caught, Weigh on Board or Estimated then Released
(See Note 1)
Month Name Fish Weight Percentage
November  No claim      
December  Carl Skoludeck  Spur Dog  13 lbs 12 ozs  70.40%
January  NO CLAIM      
February  NO CLAIM      
March  Nick Ring  Undulate ray  14 lbs  71.45%
April  NO CLAIM      
May  Spencer Wright  Spotted Ray  3 lbs 12 ozs  67.42%
June  Charles Smallman  Tope  55 lbs  85.27%
July  Martin Dye  Thresher  400 lbs  142.86%
August  Ross Staplehurst  Tope  60 lbs  93.02%

Fish of the Month Shore
Month Name Fish Weight Percentage
November NO CLAIM      
December  NO CLAIM      
January  NO CLAIM      
February  NO CLAIM    
March NO CLAIM    
April  Spencer Wright  Undulate  12 lbs 9 ozs  64.11%
May  Derek Chappel  Grey Mullet  3 lbs 10 1/2 ozs  58.21%
June Derek Chappel  Grey Mullet  4 lbs 7 ozs  69.27%
July  NO CLAIM      
August  Andy Ellis  Bass  8 lbs 11 ozs  54.72%

Main Trophies: Leader Board so far
Trophy Current Leader Fish Weight Percentage
Club Champion  Liam Smith  ----------------  18 points Points in Comps
Heaviest Bass  Liam Smith Bass  12 lbs 7 1/2 ozs  
Heaviest Bream Bream
Heaviest Cod  Matt James Cod  22 lbs 6 ozs  
Heaviest Conger Conger  
Heaviest Dogfish  John Rackett  Bull Huss  9 lbs 8 ozs
Heaviest Flounder Flounder  
Heaviest Ling Ling  
 Specimen Grey Mullet    
Heaviest Pollack  Ray Ellis Pollack   14 lbs 4 ozs  
Heaviest Plaice  Alan Deeming Plaice  3 lbs 0 1/2 oz  
Heaviest Pout  Alan Deeming Pout  2 lbs 9 ozs  
Heaviest Ray  
Specimen Ray
Heaviest Smoothound  Smoothound    
Heaviest Tope WOB  Rob Grimaldi Tope  70 lbs  
Most Tope over 20lbs (RELEASED) Tope  
 Heaviest Whiting  Ray Ellis Whiting  2 lbs 11 ozs
Best Specimen in Comps      
Most Sharks Returned    
 Heaviest Shark      
 Heaviest Fish (not Shark)      
 Most Unusual       
Best From Shore      
Bob Winship Trophy      
Ladies Champion      
Pairs in Comps    points
Top Skipper in Comps      
 Specimen Sweep
weighed ashore
Junior Points   Points
 Junior effort      
Specimen Sweep is only open to weighed on shore & properly witnessed 
BACR = new club record            IR = Island record
C & R = Caught & Released      WOB = weighed on board            . EST = estimated
Note 1.  Weighed on board or estimated (fish must be returned) forms will be considered for trophies for the following:-
Conger, Dogfish, Rays (all),  Bass, Smoothounds, Sharks, & Tope
Weighed on board (fish returned) are not however considered for club records or annual specimen sweep.

For a length to weight chart for Tope see :-


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